Access and view high danger areas safely

Operators that are able to safely access and view high danger areas will have greater peace of mind on-site. Unsafe doors lead to unsafe site practices which can have huge effects on staff, reputations and the bottom line. Improving the way chutes, conveyors and danger areas are accessed will have unprecedented effects on morale, staff performance and safety outcomes of the organisation. A safer, high performance site will lead to transformed productivity and profitability.

 Close view of equipment

Old door problems

Old access and inspection doors can often be un-safe not hold full compliance or certification with Australian Standards. Un-safe access and inspection points can have serious consequences for sites and operators with numerous incidents occurring in which peoples live were in serious danger. A door that is not constructed to last or without the correct safety measures in place is a problem for mine sites. Ensuring compliance and reliability dramatically increases safety and productivity outcomes.

New door benefits

Bend-tech access and inspection doors create a solution to safety, productivity, reliability and performance outcomes. Designed and engineered to provide mine sites and operators peace of mind when access and inspecting dangerous areas, Bend-tech doors are the answer. Certified and compliant and fully customisable to accommodate any site-specific features it is easy to see the range of benefits fitting Bend-tech doors can provide.

A morale booster

Bend-tech consultants have witnessed the effects new equipment can have on staff and morale on-site. New additions which improve working conditions give operators the peace of mind to carry out their job safely and productively without the inherent dangers they could have been previously exposed too. Bend-tech access and inspection door look, functionality, safety and performance provide these improvements to staff morale. The ability to access, inspect and maintain the same areas safely transform a site feel and performance.

Bring you site up to Australian standards

All Bend-tech doors are certified and compliant with Australian Standards ensuring they provide sites with the performance, safety and longevity outcomes they require. Quality, intelligent design, engineering and construction has developed a range of access and inspection products that drastically improve safety and productivity on-site.


Providing safer access and to inspection and danger situations

Bend-tech strives to innovate and transform safety and productivity outcomes across every industry. Bend-tech access and inspection doors have huge effects on site outcomes and morale. Access and inspection environments are dangerous and harsh and require intelligent processes and equipment to create a safe productive environment. To learn more about how Bend-tech is improving site outcomes download our (free) whitepaper Transforming Access and Inspection Door Safety