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The quality of a product is to a great extent determined by a companies internal production process and capability.

Production quality can be enhanced though improvements in equipment, advances in technology, upskilling internal personnel, inventory control, quality assurance and many other factors. A core feature of the Bend-tech difference, our production process follows on from site consultation and engineering certification.


Bend-tech’s Production Process

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Cutting, bending and fabrication

Following our extensive certification process, finalised drawings are printed and handed to our in-house production team. To make certain only high quality aluminium and steel is used, we use a quality assurance system for all material received, which is kept in stock ready for use. Our experienced team are trained to use specialised equipment, which ensures all aluminium components are cut to precision.

The material is moved on to our fabrication team where the projects begin to take their shape. Our team is exceptionally trained in TIG welding, the method that is used with all projects. TIG is the preferred method when compared to other aluminium welding processes, such as MIG, due to its quality, precision, cleanliness and strength. Fabricators are able to achieve a higher level of precision with TIG due to having more control in all areas of the weld, which is essential in producing equipment designed to enhance safety.


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Quality Assurance

Once the fabrication process is complete, our QA officer will initiate a thorough inspection of the product. Inspection will involve physical load and 100% certified weld testing where required to ensure compliance with the Australian Standards specified in the engineering and certification process.


Following QA approval finished products are moved on to our assembly team where all necessary fittings such as certification plates, signage, stickers and laser-cut templates are added. If the product requires paint blasting or galvanising, this will be done prior to any assembly fittings and completed as per the customers specifications.

Quality Assurance 2

A second round of QA focusses on ensuring the product is up to our standards before leaving the building. All measurements, fabrication, fittings and engineering aspects will be ticked off and a final aesthetics check will ensure the product is presentable to the client.

Packing and delivery

The final stage is to move the product into secure and presentable packaging which will significantly reduce the chance of damage occurring during freight. Products are then delivered to site through our trusted freight services – hot shots are available if required. Our support team keeps our clients informed by providing updates throughout each stage of this process, as well as following up once delivery is complete to ensure all items meet our standards.

This concludes production. The streamlined process enhances safety and efficiency for our personnel, which is reinforced by our project management team. Overall, our certification and production process ensures every product that leaves Bend-tech is designed, engineered and constructed to the highest of standards.