Providing safe, certified and compliant products and services runs throughout our entire organisation. Ensuring certified and compliant practices are carried out by anyone representing the Bend-tech brand means we can control the quality and safety of our output and the safety of our employees and those around them. Only authorised personnel are admitted to any area and those undertaking any task must have completed the required induction, licence or certification. Further training is always encouraged, if a team member can up-skill or become certified in an area that will increase performance and safety measures Bend-tech will facilitate this process.

Workshop Safety


All workers must wear the appropriate safety equipment and clothing when undertaking any task or placing themselves in a potentially harmful situation. Hi-visibility clothing and steel-toe work boots and safety glasses must be worn as the minimum requirement when occupying the workshop area. A safety induction must be completed and gloves, safety glasses and hearing protection must be worn if any work is undertaken.

If a person is engaging in more hazardous tasks or operating machinery they must have permits and certifications if required and follow the specific safety guidelines designated to that area or type of work. Medical kits and wash down stations are readily available should an incident occur, and the designated health and safety representative is on-site to administer CPR if required.

Signs and Signals

Designated signs and signals are posted at the entry points of the workshop, at every work station and every machine to alert anyone who is occupying or working in the area what is required from a safety and compliance perspective. Yellow safety lines are applied throughout all work areas to designate safe walking paths and keep clear zones.

Every machine has a safety shutdown button and signalling noise to ensure immediate shut-off can be engaged if required. All forklifts have signal lights and protocol requires any worker who exits or enters the workshop, must sound the horn loudly to alert any nearby occupants.

Workshop Safety


Every workstation is well lit, always kept extremely clean and has a constant airflow. Factory workers must where adequate protection from the elements if working outdoors, take regular breaks and maintain consistent hydration – a water station is provided nearby. Fire extinguishers are placed at the required intervals with the compliant signage and these are checked on a regular basis to ensure full working order.

Protocol ProtocolProtocol

Manual handling tasks are kept to a minimum and the use of cranes, forklifts and assistive equipment is the standard to mitigate the risk of injury. All rigging and lifting gear and equipment is certified and compliant with the relevant standard, and all tools are tested and tagged every three months to ensure they are in safe working order. Every piece of equipment has the adequate compliance signage to announce is certification and performance parameters.

Bend-tech Safety, Certification and Compliance

We pride ourselves on our safe practices and safe outputs. We want anyone who is in contact with the Bend-tech brand to experience the safe, certified and compliant services and products we accept as our minimum standard. To find out more about what certification and compliance can provide for your site download our free white-paper 10 Valuable Benefits Certification and Compliance Can Add to Your Site.