Risk assessments are used in the mining and construction industry as a method of identifying risks and increasing overall safety.  A risk assessment has the following aims:

1) Identifying and analysing potential (future) events that may negatively impact individuals, assets, and/or the environment.
2) Making judgments on the tolerability of the risk-based on a risk analysis that considering influencing factors.

As another service, Bend-tech now offers a free risk assessment completed with every quote if required by the customer. This adds value to the client as they will be able to analyse and communicate the risks which are being averted by the consultants proposed solution.

safety assessment

Outline of the safety or efficiency problem being solved:

A clear and concise outline of the job scenario and the safety/efficiency problem that is present. This will usually include an explanation of the previously used solution and how this may not comply with Australian Standards.

Perceived Risk Level and potential hazards present:

The perceived risk level is identified on a scale from low to extreme. Potential hazards that are present are outlined with safety graphics.

Extreme E18 E25

Photos and proposed solution:

Multiple photos from different angles and depths taken by the consultant and an in-depth analysis of the problem is carried out. The explanation may include the following:

1) Name of solution
2) Compliance and standards
3) Potential changes to the surroundings to enable the use of the solution

Hierarchy of control level identified:

As all mining personnel should be be fully aware, the hierarchy of control is in place and is analysed with all risk and safety problems.  This allows the client to identify the level of safety and risk that is relevant.

Hierarchy Pyramid

Benefits to the Client:

The final part of the risk assessment outlines the benefits associated with the implementation of the engineered solution.


Next time you are working with a Bend-tech consultant on-site please feel free to ask for a risk assessment to be attached with your full proposal.