A common feature among all workshops, the workbench is at the centre of operation and is a key element to safe and efficient production. Installing certified workbenches and tables can be extremely beneficial for a number of reasons.

Heavier Load Capacity

Industrial workbenches and tables are built with operation of heavy machinery front of mind, with extremely high weight load limits of up to 5 tonne plus. It is important to know what weight restrictions you will need in your workshop as not all workbenches and tables can bare the load of heavy machinery. Ensuring the weight limit is certified and recognised will significantly reduce the likelihood of equipment failure resulting in injury to occur.

Heavy-duty workbenches and tables are also extremely durable and made of high-quality material, ensuring that you will get the most out of your investment. Bend-tech’s heavy-duty steel constructed workbenches and tables are designed and engineered to withstand frequent rigorous use and are certified to higher than standard weight load limits.



All workbenches and tables come with a certification plate

Utilisation of Space

Efficient use of workshop space is important in achieving maximum operation efficiency and safety. Workbenches with drawers and shelves increase storage capabilities and help maintain organised and clutter-free work areas. If a bench or table is situated against a wall, using the vertical space above for wall hangings and other workshop storage solutions will further enhance organisation and efficiency.

Safer Working Environment

Safety is the number one priority for any workshop. Cluttered and disorganised workstations create safety risks. 23% of all serious workshop compensation claims, nearing 25 thousand people, were associated with falls, trips and slips of a person in 2018. Workbenches and tables are equipped with storage solutions which ensures that tools and equipment are not just lying around and are stored securely.


Bend-tech’s custom designed large tool storage and workbench.


Ergonomic bench and table designs can also reduce the risk of employees getting strain related injuries when trying to lift heavy objects or turn their body in uncomfortable ways. Height adjustable tables reduce the need to bend over or work with equipment at an unsafe height. Tables with wheels can also be helpful in dynamic work situations and will stop people trying to lift or move the heavy bench.


Bend-tech’s E-Hub efficiency work station

Improved Efficiency and Flexibility

Structured bench and table set-ups allow you to manage your workspace more effectively to suit your specific needs. Organisation and different working methods suit different people, meaning it is important to have the freedom and capability to set up your working space in your own way. The group at Bend-tech understands these needs and have designed storage workbenches and tables for all sorts of purposes which are used daily here in our workshops.

For more information about workshop safety and efficiency see our Organised Workshops Promote Safety and Efficiency article or view our full range of storage benches and tables.


Source: Safe Work Australia