Platform extension at Newmont

Cone Crusher Fixed Platform Extension


A maintenance team on site at a WA mine believed that their fixed platform, built to provide close access for cone crusher inspection and maintenance, was no longer adequate.

This is the case with many service bays on site, many of which had been constructed years ago and are subject to the wear and tear of an around the clock mining operation.
Also, with the constant improvements in mining safety standards we are finding more sites’ are requiring extensions or complete renewals of maintenance and inspection
areas to preserve these standards.


One of our consultants was already on site assessing other maintenance issues when he was invited to take a look at the cone crusher maintenance bay. The client had already put together a draft of what they required, so we took some measurements based on the drawings and discussed some of the finer details.

Not long after, our design and engineering team put together a platform extension solution pictured to the right. Some of the additions to the existing fixed platform include:

Water hose, air hose and grease hose
A chain storage rack
Safety handrails
Complete certification

Bend-tech only uses high quality, hot dip galvanised steel with a heavy-duty spray coat finish, ensuring tough, long lasting solutions.


The platform extension was sent to site and seamlessly installed. The upgraded service area is now providing maintenance personnel with appreciable safety and efficiency benefits while making life easier overall.

As mentioned, more sites’ are requiring extensions or renewals of fixed maintenance areas, such as the example below. This was another custom engineered solution designed to allow safe access for maintenance, eliminating the risks involved with climbing onto the plant.

If you are unsure about the condition of your service area or require a platform extension to an existing area, or you would like to learn more about our on-site consultation process, get in contact today!