Bend-tech standard range of doors are available and stocked to fit conventional access and inspection points around mine sites. Many locations however, require a different size or solution. We provide custom doors for any access and inspection point with the necessary characteristics to ensure compliance, improve productivity and transform safety on your mine site.

Custom door sizes

We design, engineer and construct doors to fit any size your access or inspection point requires. You can provide us with the dimensions or we can come and measure up on-site. Our doors’ safety and performance characteristics are not limited by size, we ensure full compliance no matter how big or small the entry point.

Locking mechanisms and handles

Many sites require specific locking and opening mechanisms pass certification and compliance. When designing, engineering and constructing your door we install the hardware that your site requires; locking mechanisms, lock open capabilities and handle types are just some of the features we can fit to your access and inspection door. If there is something specific you require let us know and we will incorporate the feature for your site.

Surrounds and structural requirements

When it comes to door installation, we make it easy for you. If surrounds need replacing or beam work needs to be catered for, we can provide a solution. Incorporating the construction of a custom surround ensures ease of installation. Adaptability is one of the many things that separates our doors from the rest.

Secondary door options

The secondary level of our doors can also be customised depending on your requirements. There is the more traditional ‘jail bar door’ and there is also our mesh option. We design and construct the door to provide the safeguard your operators inspecting the area require.

Sensors and sprayers

We can accommodate any sensors or sprayers that your access or inspection point may require. Trip sensors indicating a blocked chute can be moved and attached to the doors. This ensures the chute doesn’t fill past the access point, allowing for easier inspection and safer operations.

Bend-tech custom access and inspection doors

Our access and inspection doors are fully custom, we can incorporate any size or feature you require, view our custom door page to download and submit a custom door form. We provide the highest quality, engineered and certified solutions that extend right through our range, standard or custom. If you would like to learn more about our access and inspection doors contact us or read our white paper, Transforming Access and Inspection Door Safety.