Bend-tech is passionate about delivering high quality cost-effective products that reduce lead time and improve productivity. Underground mining is a harsh environment, our OEM replacement parts are designed and constructed to perform under the toughest conditions.

We have developed our range of CAT, Sandvik and Atlas parts with the help of experienced underground equipment experts. Our parts are specifically suited to the safety and efficiency requirements of underground machinery.

Providing a significant cost saving with no loss of quality or availability, Bend-tech parts are what your site needs to reduce lead time and improve efficiency.


 Safety is a priority

Safety is the number one consideration in every product, from design to construction. All Bend-tech parts increase safety and usability for our customers. This is especially important when working on heavy duty machinery, Bend-tech products are designed with features to minimize risk and enhance safety.

Cost effective OEM replacement

All Bend-Tech parts are stocked on the shelf in many locations nationally for ultra-fast delivery; saving you time, money, increasing efficiency and boosting productivity.

Our products are easy to install, are fully compliant and are designed to outperform and outlast a genuine part at a considerably lower cost. Bend-tech OEM parts can save you up to 40% on your replacements costs. The ease of availability reduces your down time allowing your equipment to remain serviceable and profitable for longer.

Designed to perform

Bend-tech parts have been designed and manufactured for high performance, they are long lasting and withstand the unforgiving vibrations and shock loading demand put on machinery in underground conditions. There is no substitute in quality for Bend-tech replacement parts.

Engineered for certification and compliance

Designed, engineered and tested for full certification, every product is constructed out of the strongest materials using the most specified methods. We provide long lasting quality you can trust and full compliance with Australian Standards.

Surface protection

All parts are surface treated post construction for protection from the elements. A heavy zinc coating base is applied for corrosion protection and in addition all parts are top coated with machine specific colours ready for installation.

Bend-tech OEM replacement parts

Our range includes but is not limited to:

• Handrails       • Dog-bones              • Doors                • Bumpers

• Fenders         • Wheel guards          • Tail shafts         • Support brackets

• Latches          • Ladder parts

If you need a replacement CAT, Sandvik or Atlas part off the shelf get in contact with us today and we can have it shipped straight out to you.

We are always looking to expand are OEM replacement range. If you need a part we don’t stock yet, or have a part you would like improved, complete our inquiry form and provide us the part number. We can take care of the rest!

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