The nature of operation means Hitachi EX3600 Cylinders are exposed and prone to extensive damage which requires costly replacement and maintenance. This doesn’t take into account the exponential costs associated with a downed machine which is not producing. Each damaged cylinder replacement costs up to $50,000 in parts and fitment as well as up to $1,500,000 in lost production per day the machine is not operational.

These costs are extremely significant especially when these cylinders are being damaged on some sites on up to 5 machines per month. When damage of this nature is occurring so regularly profitability and reputation can take a serious hit. Often the damage cannot be avoided due to manner in which the machines operate and the environmental factors involved in the operation. However employing an economical protection system which dramatically decreases the risk of damage and destruction, while minimises the extensive costs associated with complete replacement of cylinders and the associated downtime.

Hitachi E3600 Cylinder Protection

Our EX3600 Cylinder Protection System has been designed to minimise the expensive damage and downtime that occurs to the hydraulic rams during operation. The cover is a proven design that is in use in the Pilbara which provides a cost-effective complete cover of the ram with no excess weight or operative restriction.

Hitachi E3600 Cylinder Protection


Extremely robust, flexible rock deflection

Minimise expensive damage and downtime

Cost effective solution

Provides full cover to the ram with no excess weight or restriction

Stocked off-the-shelf ready for despatch

Easy to install

Hitachi E3600 Cylinder Protection

The protection system is designed and engineered to deflect rocks and debris and protect the expensive cylinders from damage during operation. The systems are currently providing significant ROI on sites throughout Western Australia and ensuring these excavators are doing what they do best which is produce and impact an organisations bottom line.

If you would like more information on the product you can view it here EX3600 Cylinder Protection System. or get in contact with the team to discuss transforming your excavator operation today!