Although we have a comprehensive range of standard products which we have developed over an extended period of time and partnerships between planning, site personnel, management and ourselves. Most of these solutions started out as a specific problem which required us to develop a solution that enabled the actions required for operational efficiency.


Our approach means your problems are in the hands of those that solve them. Our CDEC approach to solution development enables us to provide you with the product or service you need to achieve operational efficiency. We enable our clients to execute the way they need to.

Comfort: We take ownership of our role in operational efficiency with a system that provides a holistic solution.

Certainty: Being available, mobile and equipped to provide on-site consultations and scanning to ensure drawings, scopes of works and solutions are correct is invaluable.

Control: Design and engineering capabilities are crucial to providing certified and compliant solutions. We enable control over the situation.

Motion: Enabling processes and production to continue on-time is a crucial. We provide reliable, consistent pathways towards this goal.

Impact: Solutions that are executed on-time consistently leaves an impact on the bottom line. Productivity receives a boost which is compounded by the benefits of the efficient use of resources which are freed up due to efficient solution development. Our team partners with each other internally so we can partner with you and your success.

If you have a problem on-site, get in contact with the team and we will provide you with the certified salutation that you need. You can also download our free whitepaper “Operational Efficiency: 4 Ways to Empower the Maintenance Planner” to learn more about the importance of the planner and how you can influence their effectiveness.