Handrail Storage Racks


Underground mining operations are fraught with various challenges, including limited space, hazardous working conditions, and the need for efficient storage solutions. One of the common issues that mining companies face is the storage of handrails for underground trucks and loaders.

Our team recognized this challenge and worked with valued clients on site to design and develop a handrail storage rack that would specifically cater for each machine they run.

The project aimed to create a storage solution that would improve efficiency, better maintain structural integrity of handrails, and minimize trip hazards for site personnel.


Bend-tech Group designed, engineered, and constructed a range of handrail storage racks that cater to different models and versions of Sandvik, CAT and Epiroc trucks and loaders.

The handrail storage racks are designed to provide a safe and convenient storage solution for handrails. The racks are strategically positioned in workshops, stores, laydown yards, and underground workshops, making them easily accessible to maintenance personnel.

They help reduce the likelihood of lost handrails or kickplates, ensuring the continuity of correct stock levels on site. This, in turn, helps the organisation save time and money by reducing the need to reorder handrails frequently or urgently. (Some designs have the capability to hold up to 3 sets of handrails at any time, further improving stock control)

The handrail storage racks also improve safety by minimizing trip hazards and reducing clutter in workshops and stores. They are designed to provide easy access to handrails, reducing the time and effort required to retrieve them.

The racks are made from high-quality materials and are built to withstand the harsh conditions of underground mining sites. Extra features include lockable storage arms to eliminate unauthorised use of new parts, engraved part numbers for handrail organisation, and fork pockets for ease of movement around site.


Bend-tech’s handrail storage racks have proven to be an efficient, safe, and cost-effective solution for storage of handrails in underground sites. The racks have helped our valued clients improve their operational efficiency, enhance safety, and reduce the likelihood of lost items.

The success of this project has further established Bend-tech Group as a leading provider of storage solutions for the Mining, Defence, Oil & Gas, and Construction industries. Our commitment to quality and innovation has enabled us to meet the unique needs of our clients and provide tailored solutions that enhance their operational efficiency and safety.

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