Access and inspection doors are often subject to harsh environments and applications. The very nature of access and inspection applications can put the door and surrounding structure under extreme impact, wear and abrasion. Poor quality doors will suffer and soon become too damaged for safe and compliant operation. Bend-tech access and inspection doors are engineered tough and can be fitted with the applicable components to ensure they withstand the harshest environments.

Armor Doors

High impact and wear areas

Iron ore chutes are one of the harshest environments on a site. The speed, weight and abrasiveness of the substrate can create extensive damage, leading to replacement. High impact and abrasion caused by the chutes production can require the door to be fitted with added protection. Failure to employ the correct door will result in destruction, creating a potentially dangerous situation and necessary replacement, leading to further costs and loss of productivity.

Bend-tech wear solutions

Bend-tech’s solution is known as the Armor Door, built to withstand high flow and high wear situations. They are available in a number of configurations, including bolt-on chocky bars which sit proud of the secondary ‘jail bar’ door protecting them from damage and wear. Other options for the doors include Hardox and Bisalloy, the doors can also be catered for a wear liner of choice.

The chocky bars are a fantastic replaceable option, which provides ongoing protection for the door. They can be monitored and replaced as needed, simply unbolt the old worn out bars and replace with new ones.

Bend-tech consultations provide expert advice wear solutions

Bend-tech access and inspection doors are engineered to withstand and perform under the harshest environments. The impacts and abrasions associated with chute processing require solutions that can provide a functional door that lasts. The unrivalled build quality and performance adaptions of Bend-tech access and inspection doors provide cost savings and increased productivity to sites around Australia. If you would like to learn more about Bend-tech access and inspection doors read our free white paper Transforming Access and Inspection Door Safety.