Lancing Tyre Protection Trolley


During a recent site visit to one of WA’s Pilbara mines, a valued client presented our team with an interesting engineering task regarding Komatsu 830E rear strut maintenance.

830E rear struts pins often require lancing, where they are burned from the inside out toward the tyre. This action has the potential to shoot the thermal lancing rod out with force, often penetrating the tyre. Not only can this be an expensive issue, it also carries some risk that a person is struck by the lancing rod, potentially causing serious injury.

830E rear struts

Komatsu 830E rear strut


Production drawing snapshot

Following some back and forth discussion, the final solution (pictured to the left) was presented to our client.

Our “Lancing Tyre Protection Trolley” is an adjustable height scissor lift trolley with a pivot arm holding a ceramic plate inside a steel frame.

As you can see in the photo below, the trolley is set to the required height and wheeled into its correct positioning. The plate is set in place where it can slide in between the rear strut pins and the tyre.

The trolley is constructed in heavy-duty steel and is designed to be easily manoeuvrable by anyone to reach difficult locations.


Trolley folds nicely for storage efficiency

Our Lancing Tyre Protection Trolley blocks the thermal lancing rod from penetrating the tyre and reduces the potential for maintenance personnel being struck by the rod. Our design suits any haul truck and can be customised to suit any specific requirements.

If you would like to learn more about how we can maximise your maintenance safety and efficiency and incorporate designs that enable inclusive and diverse teams, reach out to one of the Bend-tech team today!

Lancing tyre protection trolley during maintenance