When it comes to unplanned downtime in mining, it’s an obvious statement across the board that it’s a huge issue. There are a whole range of factors that lead to downtime throughout the entire mining operation, but here we’re focusing on mobile equipment.

Unplanned downtime for a machine such as the Hitachi EX3600 can result in significant financial losses, ranging from thousands to millions of dollars per hour depending on the operation. Breaking that down, the harsh conditions known to mining often lead to accelerated wear and tear on machinery, causing breakdowns or significant damage to external components which force the machine out of operation.

The cost of downtime goes beyond the immediate loss of production. It disrupts the entire workflow, impacts supply chains, and ultimately strains relationships with clients and stakeholders. The longer a machine is out of operation, the more severe these effects become, leading to substantial financial repercussions for mining companies.

Minimising unplanned machine downtime is crucial for maintaining a competitive edge in the industry. It requires proactive maintenance strategies, efficient supply chains for replacement parts, and a rapid response to machine failures. Sites that can effectively reduce downtime not only save money but also improve overall operational efficiency and productivity.

damaged fender

Damaged fender on a Hitachi EX2600

ROX Mining Parts: Your Partner in Downtime Reduction

ROX Mining Parts, a division of Bend-tech, understands these key factors of minimising downtime. The ROX team are committed to ensuring downtime is kept to an absolute minimum and are focussed on achieving the mission of being the relied upon, preferred supplier for mining equipment replacement parts globally.

We specialise in providing fenders, guards, travel motor covers, handrails and more for Hitachi excavators, critical components that often contribute to unplanned downed machines. We currently have fenders and guards for the EX-6 range (EX1900 through to EX8000) in stock and are not far away from achieving the same for the EX-7 range.

The key advantages that ROX has in the industry are on the back of the extensive design, engineering and construction capability and experience, as well as dedicated R&D, Fabrication, Project Management, Sales and Marketing teams. All ROX parts are engineered and certified to replace existing OEM parts and are often built with design enhancements to ensure longevity and maximise safety and efficiency.

  • Local Supply for Faster Solutions
    Our local presence allows us to deliver replacement parts faster than OEMs, reducing the time your machines are out of operation. We understand the urgency of getting your equipment back up and running, and our efficient supply chain ensures minimal disruption to your operations.
  • Quality Parts for Long-Term Performance
    ROX Mining Parts delivers products made in Australia to OEM standards and beyond. Our commitment to quality ensures that our components are durable and reliable, minimising the risk of future breakdowns and extending the life of your machinery.
  • On-Site Support for Maximum Efficiency
    The ROX team is available to discuss your requirements and provide on-site support to help you optimise your operations. By working closely with your team, we can identify potential issues before they result in downtime, ensuring that your machines operate at peak performance.
  • Dedicated Team
    Our dedicated R&D, fabrication, project management, sales and marketing teams are all focussed on improving every aspect, from design enhancements to effective communication with site.

Reducing downtime is essential for maximising efficiency and profitability in the mining industry, and this is the core reason for ROX’s existence. The team are always heading out to site to discuss requirements so get in contact if you require a visit, and see our full range of Hitachi Fenders, Covers and Guards here.