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Metal Detector Service Walkway


Scaffolds are a common cause of worksite injury in the mining industry due to a number of reasons:

  • The requirement for extra non-company personnel on-site
  • Scaffold must be regularly inspected and is often not
  • Non-inspected scaffolding left in place for long periods, increasing risk of structural failure
  • Scaffold not in a form of permanent access or support

Working at height continues to exist as one of the highest-risk workplace activities accounting for 21 fatalities in 2019, 11% of all workplace fatalities and second only to vehicle collisions. See our article to learn more about the dangers of scaffold.

A valued client from a site in WA’s North West consulted the team at Bend-tech regarding a scaffold elimination strategy for a conveyor service area.


Drawing Snapshot

Production drawing snapshot

The service area was located about 10 metres high and previously required scaffold to access, which had very limited fall protection at the highest point. There was also nothing to stop unregistered site personnel from climbing to the top of the conveyor, adding further risk.

Our consultant went to site and discussed the issue with the client, where the solution pictured to the left was drafted.

The walkway is designed to enhance fall protection by installing extra high, heavy-duty steel constructed handrails on top of a sturdy, fixed mesh to walk on, and an isolation gate at either side of the stairway. The handrails ensure that maintenance personnel can’t accidently fall off the top of the conveyor, while the padlocked gates can only be opened by registered site personnel.


IMG 5674

Working at heights of over 10m carries inherent risk

IMG 5673

Extra high, heavy-duty steel handrails for fall protection

The fixed walkway now allows maintenance personnel to safely access the key service areas above and below the conveyor, without the risk of faulty scaffold or unregistered personnel entering the area. The project was designed, constructed and installed on time and on budget.

This site is one of many taking steps toward eliminating scaffold and replacing it with fixed, or mobile certified access solutions. If your site requires a visit to discuss a scaffold elimination plan, get in touch with our team. Learn more about our access solutions and how certification and compliance can add to your site.

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Isolation gates with padlocks fitted at both entry points

IMG 5669

Fixed in place for long-term ongoing use