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Mobile Filtration Cart Frame

Project Background

Our filter cart frame design emerged from a manual handling safety issue while using mobile filtration units on site which led to multiple incidents.

Mobile filtration units are used as a portable service unit for filling and flushing hydraulic systems, cleaning out solid particle contamination as well as removing free water. Due to the design of these units, manual handling issues and storage inefficiency have led to incidents causing damage to the filter and putting site personnel at risk of injury.

IMG 036

Enhance storage efficiency and reduce damage to filtration unit

MFU15 001

Lightweight design reduces likelihood of injury

Solution Development

A valued client consulted with our team about designing a more stable and protective frame to eliminate the risk of these incidents occurring. The project was put to our design team took who the concept and measurements provided and developed the filter cart frame pictured to the left.

  • The frame was constructed in lightweight aluminium to ensure manual handling was easy for anyone on site.
  • The design allows multiple filter frames to be stored efficiently next to each other and protects the filtration unit from any damage.
  • The stability of the frame provided ensures the operator is at less of injury risk during mobile filtration use.
  • As an added asset protection measure, the frame can be tied in the back of the ute to stop it from moving around and causing damage.
  • Protects the switch box from being exposed.

This frame is easy to install and although it was specifically designed for MFU-15S units, these can be customised to suit any mobile filtration unit on request.

Result and Testimonial

The filter cart frames were delivered to site on time and on budget, shortly after we received some very positive feedback.

“The filter cart frames that Bend-tech fabricated were perfect in design and the only thing we had to change was removing the paint where the filter cart attached to the frame. Other sites are now interested in this design.”

If you or your team possess filtration units and find they are enduring damage, or have a problem on site which might require a custom engineered design, reach out to our team today!

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Maintain stability while filtration unit is in use