Pilbara site workshop fit out

On a recent site visit to one of the Pilbara’s major iron ore companies, our team was able to get a firsthand look at the extensive workshop set-up filled with Bend-tech products.

Maintaining an organised and structured workshop is crucial in enhancing efficiency and reducing the likelihood of accidents resulting in injury to occur. Certification is another critical
factor in workshop safety and efficiency, which is why all of Bend-tech’s designs undergo extensive testing to ensure they exceed certification and compliance requirements.

Our consultation process involves our team coming to you, understanding your problem, listening to your requirements, and discussing possible solutions for your project.
For this project, our valued client became aware of our extensive workshop range and requested a site visit from one of our team. A floor plan was put together and an
order was placed for a variety of workbenches, storage racks, and some maintenance tooling.


Whiteboard workbench and custom heavy-duty workbench enhancing organisation, safety and efficiency.

Heavy-duty workbench and workbench with enclosed storage.

Certified workbenches provide maintenance personnel peace of mind that their equipment is not going to fail, allowing them to perform required
tasks with confidence. Bend-tech promotes an extensive range of workbenches, storage benches, cutting tables and whiteboard benches, as
well as the ability to design custom benches if required.

Workbench with enclosed storage and oil drain lip around perimeter.

Workbench with enclosed storage and vice.


Certified storage of materials should be a top priority in the workshop. Unsafe and uncertified storage can lead to the overloading of equipment and
materials beyond the systems weight load limit, presenting significant risks to personnel especially when in the line-of-fire.

We have designed, engineered and fabricated a range of steel racks to safely store the types of material you would expect to find in a maintenance
workshop. Each design has been put through extensive testing to ensure weight bearing is well beyond the certification requirement.

Bend-tech’s chain racks enhance organisation and efficiency.

Very handy ladder storage rack.


Trolley, whiteboard workbench, rag and oil soak bin, and workbench with vice.

Bend-tech offers a range of certified maintenance tooling that makes life easier while maintaining its reputation of being reliable, heavy-duty and long lasting. Trolleys, rag and oil soak bins, GET bins, and toolboxes designed for specific mobile equipment are popular among our valued clients.

Bend-tech’s Smoko Huts.

Degreaser bunding featuring an air-operated diaphragm pump with a retractable hose reel and dispensing gun. A fluid level gauge is also fitted for conveniency.

As well as all products mentioned being integral to optimising workshop safety, they significantly enhance efficiency by keeping the workplace
organised and tidy. Too much time can be wasted looking for certain tools or trying to safely access material that is not stored properly.
You can look into this topic further with our blog Organised Workshops Promote Safety and Efficiency.

Have a look through our full range of workshop solutions to see how we can enhance your space, and feel free to get in contact if you would
like more information.