Caterpillar 793F Fuel Tank Refurbishment

ROX Mining Parts

Bend-tech’s fuel tank refurbishment and improvement for large mobile equipment, such as Caterpillar 793F trucks. View our Case Study for more information.

Bend-tech are now offering a Rotable Fuel Tank System to further reduce operational downtime! We can send you a new fuel tank to swap with your damaged tank, then make the necessary repairs and hold stock in one of our facilities close to your site, ready to swap back when required. For more information see our brochure.

  • Description

    Product Description

    Stripped back and NDT crack tested

    Repaired and pressure tested

    Blasted and coated in high-performance Armour Flex Coating

    Full report prepared for the client detailing all of the repairs and testing completed

    Eliminates the need for bash plates, one of the key enablers of corrosion