ROX Fuel Tank Refurbishment and Rotable

The ROX team have been working closely with teams on site to understand the pain points and the ‘ideal’ process of fuel tank repair, replacement, stock, and installation.

We provide value that is unrivalled in the industry when it comes to ROX fuel tanks.

All tanks come complete with all fitting components, with optional features such as our Armour Flex coating for enhanced protection, a certified transport and installation frame for maximised safety and efficiency, and a range of fast-fill fuel injection options to suit your sites requirements.

Need a new fuel tank? See our range of fuel tanks currently in stock.

Have a damaged fuel tank? Here’s some info about our fuel tank refurbishment and rotable program.


We understand that above all this is a time sensitive process, so our aim is to ensure you are receiving a fully operational replacement tank without incurring unnecessary downtime.

The first step is to reach out to one of our ROX team (or fill out our fuel tank enquiry form below) to discuss the extent of damage, your current stock level (and time sensitivity) and other specific requirements. From there we can determine the best path to take. Depending on the urgency, we can send out one of our stocked tanks with no project lead time, otherwise we will provide a quote and lead time on a full tank refurbishment.

Breakdown of the fuel tank refurbishment process:

  1. Tank is stripped back, cleaned, NDT crack test and thickness testing
  2. Finalise scope of works and quote
  3. Reweld cracks and carry out repairs as per AS1692-2006
  4. Pressure test with air to 35kPa (unless noted otherwise) and hold for 40 min
  5. Surface treatment with optional Armour Flex coating for extra protection or finished in machine colour
  6. Returned to site on certified fuel tank transport and installation frame

Rotable Program

ROX’s Fuel Tank Rotable Program provides exceptional value and significantly minimises downtime as it ensures stock is always on hand.

This follows the same process for refurbishment above, however instead of waiting for the repairs you can purchase a new tank from our stocked range sent with no project lead time. Once the refurbed tank is ready we will send it back to site where you conveniently have a tank ready to go in case of emergency (or planned shutdown), and the process continues once the new tank is due for refurbishment.

Current tanks in stock and available for the rotable program are CAT 793F, 789D, 785C/D, 777F, D10T and D10T2 with more CAT, Komatsu and Hitachi tanks available soon.

Reach out to the ROX team today to discuss your fuel tank requirements!