ROX Fuel Tank Service Exchange


In the high-stakes world of mining, machine downtime can be devastating to productivity and profitability. Every minute of inactivity translates to significant financial losses.

To address part of this critical issue, ROX Mining Parts has developed an innovative solution – the Fuel Tank Service Exchange (SX) Program. This case study explores the programmes seamless intergration with current mining operations and the benefits attached with it.

CAT 793F & D10T fuel tanks stocked in WA


The Cost of Downtime

Machine downtime in mining operations is undeniably expensive. For example, a CAT 793F truck, one of the industry giants, can cost operators anywhere from $10,000 to $30,000 per hour of inactivity. These costs add up rapidly, underlining the critical need to minimise downtime.

ROX’s Solution

ROX’s Fuel Tank SX is designed to ensure your machine has a fuel tank ready to go at all times, whether it be for regular scheduling or in an emergency. This program enables mine sites to purchase new fuel tanks from ROX while simultaneously returning their damaged tanks for refurbishment.

The core idea is simple – to keep mining machines operational for as long as possible and reduce dependency on lengthy lead times imposed by OEM providers.

Benefits of the Fuel Tank Service Exchange Program

Reduced Downtime: With brand new tanks readily available in stock (see below for current stock), machines can be swiftly equipped with a replacement, minimizing downtime to a fraction of what it would be with traditional OEM providers.

Cost Savings: The reduction in downtime translates to substantial cost savings. Operations stand to save thousands of dollars per day, ensuring a significant return on investment. Furthermore, the cost of an SX tank is roughly 70% of a new tank price, translating to significant long-term saving.

Improved Efficiency: Sites can maintain high levels of productivity and efficiency with minimal disruptions. This, in turn, contributes to an increase in overall profitability.

Damaged tank returning for refurbishment

Optional Armour Flex coating for extra protection

Brand new CAT 793F tank & transport frame ready for site

New tank ready for operation


ROX Fuel Tanks are engineered and fabricated using the state-of-the-art facilities at Bend-tech Group. All tanks are delivered in a certified transport frame, come with optional Armour Flex coating for extra protection, and are equipped with the correct fuelling system required by the site. Yes they are an OEM equivalent design, however it is the overall value provided from consult to delivery which separates ROX from the rest.

Currently in stock: CAT 793F, 785D, 777F, D10T

Currently available for SX: CAT 793F, 785D, 777F

Expanding the Program

Rox’s commitment to meeting the industry’s needs and standards go beyond the initial launch of the program. New tanks for a range of CAT and Hitachi machines are currently in development and will be available soon.

As ROX’s Fuel Tank SX program continues to expand, along with the ROX range, it holds the promise to be the number one OEM parts supplier for open cut and underground machinery. Reduced downtime will not only enhance profitability but also contribute to a more sustainable and efficient mining ecosystem.

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