Suppliers that understand the need to partner their services with a planner’s success are vital to on-site productivity. When a work order is issued, suppliers need to assess the scope, drawings and lead time and ensure they execute accordingly. Far too often supplier’s don’t provide the service, follow-up, attention to detail and execution that crucial planned and scheduled maintenance requires to be impactful on a consistent basis.


Suppliers that partner with planning success take ownership of their role with a system that holistically provides a solution. This creates comfort and empowers the planner towards their goal of on-time, first time maintenance execution.


Being available, mobile and equipped provide on-site consultations and scanning to ensure drawings and scopes of work are correct are invaluable. This gives certainty to the planner by providing an avenue for accuracy and information creation.


Design and engineering capabilities are crucial to providing certified and compliant maintenance order fulfillment and solutions. This gives the planner control over the end result and the quality of the final product.


Enabling processes and production to continue on-time is a crucial to successful planning. Suppliers that provide reliable pathways towards this goal keep the planner’s schedule moving forward.


Planned maintenance that is executed on-time consistently leaves an impact on the bottom line. Productivity receives a boost which is compounded by the benefits of the efficient use of resources which are freed up due to effective maintenance planning.

Empowering maintenance planners

Bend-tech partners with maintenance planners around Australia to deliver reliable outcomes to their sites, enabling consistent production. We understand that solving problems and developing solutions requires a nimble, always available approach coupled with expertise across their areas of need. We empower planners to achieve operational efficiency. To discover how to empower the maintenance planner download our free whitepaper “Operational Efficiency: 4 Ways to Empower the Maintenance Planner”