With the technology available today, the mining industry is able to be more productive and much safer than it ever was in the past. Here are the top mining innovations you should know about.


1. A Portable Analyser

The portable analyser is technology that is designed to be able to determine which chemical elements make up a rock’s surface. It does this through an x-ray process. It is capable of giving instant readouts of the results. This will cut down on processing time and help minimise the impact exploring has on the surrounding environment.



2. Simulation Technology

Many mining companies are training their new employees with simulation technology. This will sharpen employees’ reaction times in case of an emergency and improve the productivity level.


3. Ventilation Drilling

There have been large improvements in the accuracy of drilling. It is now possible for miners to be accurate up to 800 m deep when they drill down. This technology allows mining companies to increase their productivity, as well as be able to bring the debris back up to the surface more efficiently.


4. A Fully Computerised Rail System

One of the biggest accomplishments of a fully computerised rail system is improved safety. These electronic systems can transport everything they need to and from their selected destinations without having to worry about people getting hurt or stuck.


5. Mine Shaft Wall Cover with Robotic Application

A mine shaft wall has to be smooth to avoid a build-up of friction. This friction builds up between the walls and the system that moves the miners up and back down into the mine shaft. There is a new, completely robotic system that will apply a wall cover to avoid friction and improve the safety of the miners.


6. Mapping in 3D

The ability to map the terrain below ground in 3D images will change the underground mining sector in the near future. This technology allows companies to cut costs and increase productivity because they can see potential problems before they begin drilling.


7. Unmanned Aerial Vehicle(UAV)/Drone technology

Drones are being used in more and more applications, including the mining industry which is really benefitting from this technology. BHP is one company that has got on board, using it in many areas including monitoring traffic and road conditions for road safety, ensuring an area is clear before a blast and measuring stockpiles to name a few.


8. Better Excavators

Mining excavators are getting overhauled piece by piece. Companies are racing to design better, bigger, and safer excavators to improve the mining industry.


9. Customised Piece Designs

There are companies that are making custom tools to suit the needs of miners everywhere. They offer software for both a professional level and beginners. Each software package is designed to streamline the production process.


10. Truck Sealant

If you’ve ever seen a mining truck with a full load, you know dust and debris tend to come out during transport. This sealant is designed to go over the top of the load and hold it into place until it gets to its destination. This process minimises the impact on the environment that comes from transporting ore.



11. Fully Computerised Tunnel Borers

This computerised tunnel borer will allow for more accuracy as well as a faster processing time. It will also lower the risk to the miners as they work day by day.


12. Survival Container

These containers offer a safe, enclosed space miners can go in the case of an emergency. They have up to 36 hours of electricity and oxygen for a maximum of six miners. They are also easy to transport, and easy to sit in one place or another.