Threaded Rod Storage and Protection

Project Background

The development of our threaded rod storage and protection cabinets emerged out of an ongoing safety issue seen at various sites. Allthread can often be stored inefficiently, leaving operators at risk of using old threading which is at a greater risk of failure due to it being used beyond its capacity. Threading failure could result in serious injury or equipment damage.

A valued client spoke to the team at Bend-tech about providing an organised storage solution to reduce the likelihood of these incidents occurring.



Solution Development

Our design team put forward a simple solution whereby the required set of high tensile allthread is placed in an organised heavy-duty steel cabinet. Each thread is protected in plastic casing and has a clear labelled section for it to be placed.

We included storage areas for washers and nuts, as well as a see through hinged lid and locking door. The cabinet can be modified to suit site and job requirements and weighs roughly 133kg.

The design promotes confidence in site personnel that they are not taking out a rod that has been used beyond its capacity. It will also make replacement easier and more efficient knowing exactly which rod has been taken out and used.


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