This heavy-duty equipment is perfect for any industrial workplace. These structures can improve the layout and workflow of a construction site, mining site, or plant.

How exactly do steel pipe racks help? This article has all the information you need!

What Are Steel Pipe Racks?

Steel pipe racks can form an interlocking network of structures. This network is excellent for supporting pipelines, power cables, and other plant equipment.

Your industrial workspace will be more organized when these structures store equipment. Some things you can keep in pipe storage racking are:

  • Power cables
  • Pipes
  • Valve access platforms
  • Mechanical equipment
  • Instrument cable trays

Steel pipe racks need to match their specifications to the materials they will store. That’s why you need to choose the right type for your workplace.

You can always ask your supplier which storage rack matches your materials. Will you need a free-standing or flat plate rack? Are your materials light or heavyweight?

Will your workplace do with the classic horizontal storage racks? Maybe you’re pressed for space, so you could get sloping or vertical plates to assist with space management.

There are even mobile pipe racks for easy storage of lightweight materials like road signs. 

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Which Workplaces Use Pipe Racks?

Several industrial workspaces can benefit from using various pipe racks. However, some spaces may need them more. Here are the most common workplaces that use steel pipe racks. 

Power plants

These stations generate electricity, so they need a strong pipe rack to store the cables and other electrical equipment. 

Chemical plants

These plants produce the chemicals used in our everyday lives, so they have various pipes that run through the workplace. Steel pipe racks can keep the area neat and provide a safe foundation where the pipes can stay. Wastewater treatment plants work similarly to chemical plants, so they also need pipe racks for their tube system. 

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Construction warehouses

Warehouses keep all manner of surplus construction equipment. You can find anything from tools to sheets of metal, so you need a strong storage rack to keep things in order. 

Plumbing companies

Plumbing companies deal with the water distribution around the city so they can also house various pipes. Steel pipe racks can provide a safe route for the pipe network and keep them protected from damage.

Benefits Of Using Steel Pipe Racks

Industrial workplaces can benefit from steel pipe racks. They are helpful structures that make the area safe and functional.

Here’s all you need to know about how steel pipe racks benefit the workplace:

1. There’s more space

Pipe racks can help you organize your equipment vertically so you can use the space in your work area wisely. You can stack the pipe racks on top of each other until they reach quadruple their height, make sure you choose the right type, and they have a strong foundation. 

2. Efficient workflow

The layout from steel pipe racks can improve the functions in your workplace. These are the organizational attributes from pipe racks:

  • Improved inventory – It’s easier to monitor the inventory because your materials are stacked on top of each other. 
  • Maximized space – Since the materials are organized well, there’s more space for people and vehicles to move around. It will lessen the time consumption of some tasks, leading to more efficient work. 
  • Easy access – Material layout in pipe racks makes it easier for you to remove them when needed. Mobile pipe racks make this task easier because you can transport them with you.
  • Efficient labeling – You’ve got the storage covered; now it’s time for organizing your materials. You can try using color-coded pipe racks to keep track of where storage is.

3. Material protection

Materials are elevated when they’re kept in pipe racks. This ensures they won’t get damaged by things on the ground.

Pipe racks can even protect materials from being damaged by stored equipment. They can also protect equipment in flood-prone areas. The elevated storage will keep them safe from water damage. 

4. Simple set-up

Steel pipe racks are simple to install. They can be easily moved around if a job needs to transfer. These units are every industrial workplaces’ secret weapon.

5. They’re customizable

You can design a specific pipe rack to fit your materials. Some suppliers have a significant variety of sizes and types to choose from. 

How To Choose The Best Pipe Racks

When you’re about to invest in pipe racks for your workspace, you should ensure they suit what you need. Here are some tips to help you choose the best.

Know the weight of your materials

Suppliers have several sizes with varying durability levels. Learn how heavy your materials will be so you can choose the right kind. 

Estimate the amount you need

Base your measurement on the company workload. Don’t get too little or too many so the surroundings will be orderly and the pipe racks don’t occupy too much space.

Have the area surveyed by experts

Suppliers can send people to inspect your work area so they can suggest the best steel pipe rack option for you.

Choose a trustworthy supplier

Make sure you get a credible supplier who’s had years of experience. You will know it’s a trustworthy company when you see the offers and speak to the customer service representative. 

You need a trusted supplier to give you the best quality pipe storage racks. Try to look for one that offers both heavy-duty and customizable racks. You will have various choices for your workspace.

Once you find your ideal pipe storage racks, you can contact your supplier and arrange for delivery. Now you’ve got your units all set!