There are several factors you should consider when purchasing an industrial workbench. Choosing a bench that is inadequate in allowing you or your team to perform required tasks is inefficient and unsafe, not to mention costly for the organisation. Below are some of the important workbench attributes that you should take into consideration when purchasing.

Durability, stability and reliability

Depending on task requirements, many industrial workbenches need to be built to withstand frequent rigorous use at extremely high weight loads. These benches would require a high quality, heavy-duty steel construction and would need to undergo a certification process to test load limits. Some activities may not require such extensive testing, though it is always safer to have a full understanding of the bench’s limits.

Load testing also ensures stability. It’s no good having a bench that is moving or shaking while trying to perform tasks that require precision. Not all benches are built the same, so it is important to assess your research to know for certain before purchasing. All of Bend-tech’s workbenches are certified and compliant with Australian Standards, promoting greater confidence in reliability and overall performance.

Storage options and extras

Consider storage options when choosing a workbench. Cupboards, drawers, shadow boards and built-in toolboxes can all help maintain an organised and space-efficient work area without sacrificing operational capability. Maintaining an organised workplace will also enhance safety due to there being less clutter in the workspace.

In 2018, 23% of all serious workshop compensation claims, nearing 25 thousand people, were associated with falls, trips and slips of a person in Australia.

A workbench with adequate storage will lower the chance of tools and other clutter finding its way to the ground.

You can find a variety of storage ideas in Bend-tech’s extensive range of workbenches, such as the bench below. This was a custom project built for a mining client, incorporating high performance tool storage, LED lights, large shadow boards, 6 power outlets and plenty of shelving.


Bend-tech’s custom built tool storage and workbench


A workbench that can be efficiently used by as many people as possible should be front of mind, particularly in an environment where multiple people will need to use it. Ensuring storage areas, light switches, power outlets and production tools (such as a winch) can be easily accessed by all staff will reduce safety risks and promote inclusivity in the workplace.

Ergonomic or height adjustable bench designs which help reduce the risk of strain related injuries are also options to consider. There are plenty of factors to keep in mind when choosing a workbench, assess your options today!