Work Benches / Cutting Tables


Workbench 1200mm

Part: 5610318

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Workbench 1800mm

Part: 5610319

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Workbench 2400mm

Part: 5610320

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Workbench 3000mm

Part: 5610321

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Workshop Whiteboard Bench

Part: 5001812

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Heavy Duty Plate Cutting Table

Part: 5501163

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Mobile Flame Cutting Table

Part: 5501032

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5505341 Adjustable Work Bench 950mm H LH

Adjustable Height Workbench
650mm – 950mm

Part: 5505341

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5505340 Adjustable Work Bench 1350mm H LH

Adjustable Height Workbench
850mm – 1350mm

Part: 5505340

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Specialist Underwater Welding Bench

Part: 5504249

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Pump Drive Work Stand and Bench

Part: 5503047

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Mobile Workbench with Cover

Part: 5602050

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Heavy Duty Work Benches and Cutting Tables

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of work benches and cutting tables for the defence industry in Australia. From general purpose work benches to specialist underwater welding benches and pump drive work stands/benches, you’ll find everything you need in our range. Heavy-duty steel construction and quality fabrication processes ensure that every product is fit for purpose and will provide years of trouble-free service. For defence maintenance equipment that complies with all applicable Australian Standards and is designed with safety, durability and longevity in mind, Bend Tech is the obvious choice. We are focused on developing products that meet the needs of the most demanding organisations in the country and have an unparalleled record of achievement in this field.

Our steel workbench range is perfectly suited for use mining operations, and other heavy industries where rugged durability and exceptional safety are paramount. In harsh, challenging environments where safety is of maximum importance, our work benches are the perfect option. They will provide long lasting, safe and efficient solutions to all your defence, mining, and heavy industrial work bench needs.

Heavy Duty Plate Cutting Tables

Our plate cutting/flame cutting tables are fabricated from heavy-duty steel and feature replaceable support fins. They also come with large chutes/waste hoppers, to facilitate the safe disposal of slag. If you require a cutting table of different dimensions to those on our website or one that is capable of supporting heavier loads, please contact us to let us know exactly what you need. We provide a custom design and fabrication service to defence industry organisations and would be happy to produce tables to your specifications.

Fixed and Mobile Heavy Duty Work benches

Our range includes both fixed and mobile work benches, certified as being in compliance with Australian Standards and finished in safety yellow to ensure they are highly visible in any location. Designed to make life easier for your maintenance personnel, they include features such as German-made lockable castors and are manufactured to precise specifications. In common with our cutting tables, we are able to modify the design and dimensions of our work benches to meet your specific requirements if necessary. Just let us know what you need and we will prepare a competitive quotation for your consideration.

Custom work benches

If necessary, members of our team can visit your site to assess the scope of your requirements. Our goal is to better understand your requirements and offer advice and suggestions where appropriate. Our dedicated design engineers have decades of experience and knowledge and are well versed in accessing the needs of a wide range of environments. After a through assessment, the creation of a top-class, high-performing industrial work bench suited to your exact requirements is a straightforward process. At Bend-tech Defence we can tackle any project, regardless of size or scope and deliver the product professionally and efficiently.

After the initial consultation we will begin the development of your heavy-duty work bench. Our team use the most up-to-date technology and clients are encouraged to be involved, and to collaborate as much as they wish with our designers.

Development and engineering

Once the design of your steel work bench has been double-checked and approved, we can begin the development and engineering phase.

Only when products have been fabricated and passed our stringent QC processes, will they be delivered and installed. Bend-tech Defence are proud to only manufacture the highest quality work benches, and we guarantee that from start to finish you will receive a courteous, professional, and efficient service from our team. We are committed to keeping our prices competitive and delivering all our products in a safe and timely manner.

Past successes

Recently one of our valued clients reached out to the Bend-tech Defence team with a view to designing and fabricating a new industrial work bench. Their current setup was inefficient, cluttered, and poorly organised. Tool location was an issue, as there was no logic to the way they were being stored, much to the frustration of all users. We worked closely with the client and their staff and came up with a set of designs for bespoke work benches.

Upon completion of the design phase, a heavy-duty work bench was produced for their maintenance workshop. Once approved the remaining pieces were fabricated and delivered. As with all Bend-tech Defence projects, the project was completed on time and to budget.

Safe, robust, and practical work benches

Finished in safety yellow for added visibility, all of our work benches are engineered to easily accommodate the wear and tear they will be subjected to on a daily basis whilst continuing to perform perfectly in all conditions.

They can safely support working loads up to 5 tonnes. Should you require a heavy-duty work bench that is capable of supporting loads above that, or one that needs to be built to specific dimensions or specifications, please contact us to discuss your requirements. You can find both fixed and adjustable/mobile work benches in our range, all of which are manufactured from heavy-duty steel and are fully certified.

If you’d like any further information regarding our range of work benches or would like to discuss a bespoke project, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Our engineers have years of combined experience in their respective disciplines and have worked across a diverse range of sectors.