As the most precise technologically advanced method available to cut metal, tube lasering ensures your components are perfectly aligned to create the best quality product possible, and this technology is within your reach. Not only does it reduce labour and time by ensuring no adjustments need to be made, but it also allows for easier assembly and a higher-quality finish. Your production efficiency will soar. Read on to understand how tube lasering contributes to production efficiency.

No costly errors

As with all things human, there is a risk of error. Typically, using an angle grinder or a drop saw leaves room for an incorrect or uneven cut, resulting in wastage of materials and the need to grind edges. All of this can be avoided when you utilise tube lasering. Your engineering requirements will be met with 100% accuracy every time, with a vastly reduced lead time on having your materials available as opposed to relying on the time-consuming and potential inaccuracies of manual methods.

Improved fabrication times

Knowing your materials are cut to the exact specifications required allows you to fabricate your product with the confidence of no unexpected delays due to misaligned or incorrect cuts. Likewise, having the precise fit needed will not only improve the strength of your structure but also provide the ideal surface for your welds or fixture points to be as strong as possible. Fabrication will proceed in a far more timely manner with no downtime experienced waiting for your metal worker to measure, cut, adjust, or re-cut pieces to complete the structure.

Reduction in wastage costs

Due to the accuracy of tube lasering, the risk of an incorrect angle or length is eliminated. You can be assured materials are used to their maximum capacity. Bend Tech Group can offer up to 12-metre length loading on their 5-axis tube laser, enabling you to complete the largest of jobs with minimum off-cuts and a reduction in the likelihood of potential weaknesses in the structure that can occur when multiple joins are required. Estimating project costs is easier with the knowledge that waste can be calculated with precision.

Traditional methods v tube lasering

There are several tools on the market that allow you to cut metal by hand. When using these tools, the time must be spent not only on measuring and cutting but also on setting up and finishing off the cut to provide an appropriate weld surface or fixture point. This all impacts your fabrication time. Tube lasering, on the other hand, will provide you with the ultimate precision on your materials, which will be available to your fabrication team in a bundled lot, allowing for tighter scheduling and successful project completion.

Impressive load capacity

Being able to load an impressive 40kg per metre, and cut through materials up to 12mm thick, there are very few limitations on what can be achieved with tube lasering. Load bundling is also possible, which can reduce processing times to allow you to receive your materials in a much more efficient manner, allowing your production to begin sooner and enhance the efficiency of the overall operation. No matter how big or how small your project is, tube lasering will make a strong and positive impact on productivity. 

Pinpoint accuracy on every cut

5-Axis lasering means that not only will your straight angle cuts be accurate, but you will also have the ability to include bevelled edges as the laser can cut at five different angles at a time. Pinpoint accuracy and pre-bevelled edges are a fabrication team’s dream as they remove any frustrations or need for them to be side-tracked by modifying materials. This allows your tradespeople to focus on practising their skill on the best platform available, resulting in a superior end product. 

Project difficulties minimised

You will never have to experience that sinking feeling of a millimetre or two misalignments on an anchor point that could potentially bring your entire job to a screeching halt. Messy joins will be a thing of the past, as will using packing pieces to rectify a short cut. 100% accuracy is achievable and will remove the need for those last-minute, on-the-job modifications to keep your schedule in line when cuts are not performed as precisely as required.

A safer work environment

Offcuts and metal shavings will no longer be present, and the hazards associated with the preparation of metal are eliminated. Essentially, your fabrication team will be working in a cleaner, safer environment that provides them the freedom to concentrate on the job at hand and work more efficiently and productively. An added benefit is the ability to have your materials delivered to your laydown yard in larger lots, as opposed to smaller quantities being received intermittently from an on-site prep area, ultimately enabling a more organised workspace.

Engineering freedom at its finest

From the simplest of designs to the most intricate and detailed requirements, 5-axis lasering allows your engineering team the freedom to design the most impressive structure without limitation. With 3D cutting capacity, geometries can be adjusted with pinpoint accuracy to provide whatever cut you need to complete your fabrication without the costly and structurally detrimental need to manipulate or adjust components for a perfect fit in the field. Engineering adjustments to accommodate wiggle room on inconsistencies will not be required when you can provide 100% accuracy.

What are the downsides?

We have covered many of the advantages of tube lasering and what it can do to improve production efficiency. But what are the disadvantages? From a production, safety, budget, efficiency, and quality standpoint, there are none. This cutting-edge technology ticks all the boxes when it comes to finding the best possible way to ensure the success of your projects by providing your team with the best equipment possible. If you need  exacting cuts and high precision, there are absolutely zero downsides to tube lasering

Proven excellence

Trusting a proven company such as Bend Tech Group to undertake your tube lasering requirements means you can be confident of a professional and timely response to your needs. Having many years of experience with some of the biggest mining and construction names in the industry, means we understand the importance and impact of providing solid service. Improved production efficiency is achievable in your workplace, and Bend-Tech is here to help you achieve it.

Contact Bend-Tech Group today to boost your production efficiency. Your quality, safety and work environment will also be improved, providing you with the best opportunities to complete your project successfully.